Visit to Dala Yangon Myanmar

Visit to Dala Village Yangon Myanmar is more than vacation and excursion. Definitely Exploring Dala Township definitely is one of the highlights when visiting Yangon, Myanmar.Located across the Yangon River, life there is completely opposite to the busy city center. Rather than modern skyscrapers and colonial buildings.Undoubtedly  A trip to Dala village will give you  a quick snapshot of life in a small Burmese village. A visit to Dala village is perfect for those who want to take a quick look at simple Burmese village life and need a change of scenery from Myanmar’s touristy spots.

Where Dala Vilalge is located ?

Dalla or Dala is a small village across the river from Yangon. There are many things to do in Yangon and a day trip to Dallah village from the main city was a lovely experience.

How to get to Dala Village from Yangon ?

This village is a 10-minute ferry ride away from Pansodan Pier in downtown Yangon. Pansodan Pier is very close to downtown Yangon and Sule Pagoda. You can easily reach this pier by walking by using Google maps or by just asking the locals to point you in the right direction.The cost of ferry ticket will be a bit different between local people and foreign visitors . As soon as you get to Pansodan pier , you are to buy tickets that will cost 4,000 MMK ( Local currency )per person for a return ticket and the boat runs every 10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long for the next one.

On board, you will very likely be pestered by small children selling food to feed the seagulls, (for some reason here people get really excited about feeding birds). Just make polite conversation and advise them that you aren’t interested. These kids should be in school rather than working so please don’t contribute to this by purchasing anything. The ferry ride will be your first insight as to what daily life is like there.

The trip takes approximately five minutes. Once the boat is docked everybody makes a mad dash to depart. This is where you will be bombarded by hawkers.


Joining a tour of Dala Village

The price around the town for a one and a half hour to two-hour tour should be approximately $2.20 / 3000 kyat each for two people, $4.40 / 6000 kyat total.

Visit to Dala Yagnon Myanmar
Pansondan Jetty Yangon
Visit to Dala Yangon Myanmar
Ferry to Dala Village from Yagnon

What to see in Dala Village ?

Fishing Village

Day trip to Dala is interesting to do excursion to a little fishing village in Dala Village .If you stay by the river in Yangon you will see colorful small boats driving back and forth all day. The fishing village is where a lot of them dock.You will go down  the concrete wharf to the edge of the extremely murky river and watched as all the locals hoped in and out of the boats, returning from a days work in the city.  Though, the water of all shades of brown just makes the beautiful colored boats stand out more.The fishing village is lined with locals homes on each side, which barely any walls and no doors or windows. And also if you are photographer who like to make stunning photos of local way of lives around Yangon , you are suggested to do Yangon Photo Tour to Dala . Please take a professional advice from Burma Photo Tour .

Experience the local way of life

After this, you are to head  further away from the river to a small local village where you will find so many children happy and people selling the foods at the market and fetching the water from the pond .The local way of life in Dala is completely different with the local life that is already experienced in the city of Yangon .

The Local Market

Onwards to the last stop, the local markets. Set up alongside both sides of a dirt road the market is very welcoming and has a great atmosphere. People crowd the sidewalks eating dinner off small plastic chairs and tables.

Say" Good By "& Leaving Dala Village

After the market place, it was time to head back to the ferry terminal. At the ferry, you are to show your  return tickets, and this time, jump onto a boat that is still connected to the dock.  

Visit to Dala Yangon is full of fun and experience beyond your expectation not only for adventure seeker but also for photographer to do One Day Yangon Photo Tour with Burma Photo tour.