Why visit to Thanlyin ?

Thanlyin is one of the hidden attraction beyond Yangon is  Thanlyin Thanlyin (or Tanyin) formerly  known as Syriam located Just across the Bago River (Pegu River) it is an important port town in Yangon Division. It is only about an hour’s drive from downtown Yangon. It can be reached by crossing one of the longest “ Thanlyin bridge ” . Why Thanlyin ? Thalyin which remain a very ancient town in Myanmar had may ancients pagodas and monuments . In addition to that Thanlyin has served for centuries as Burma ‘principal harbor- a role it continue to play thanks to the modern deep-water container port of Thilawa installed on its waterfront. Most of the country’s trade pass through here, making this something of industrial boom city, with a population that quadrupled in the 1980s following the construction of an iron road bridge connecting it with Yangon . .The main incentive to make traverse is to visit wonderful hill top pagoda of  Kyaik Kauk Pagoda which is located  on the way to Kyauk Tan, on a hillock. The pagoda is very similar in structure to Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon .. If you travel half an hour further south  “ Kyauk Tan” is the site of another pretty Buddhist shrine , locally known as Yae Lae Pagoda which means pagodas built  in the middle of water: the pagoda is actually built in the middle of water out in the sea. The pagoda complex consists of several buildings including a monastery. Pilgrims and visitors are ferried by boats to the pagoda. While crossing, you can feed catfishes which jump out of water to snatch food thrown at them. Pagodas are not the only things to see in Thanlyin. Although the town itself was established since ancient Mon  kingdoms and Myanmar kingdoms, it was British who built modern Thanlyin as an important oil refinery town for BOC Company (Burma Oil Corporation). There is a large quarter for BOC officers now used as houses for the MOGE (Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise) officers. These houses were built since colonial era design. Made of brick and wood, these houses are large, roomy and airy as well as beautiful and elegant. Interesting story in brief However, the main purpose of the tour is still the rural lifestyle of the village in Myanmar.During the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Thanlyin was the base of the notorious Portuguese explorer Filipe de Brito e Nicote. As a trade representative for the Rakhaing people, he had his own kingdom at Thanlyin. In many Myanmar blogs introducing this place, there records that in 1599, his own troops invaded Bago, but in 1613 the Bamar encircled Thanlyin. De Brito received a consequence of those who destroyed Buddhist temples: the death penalty. Thanlyin continued to serve as the main port and commercial center until this Myanmar site was destroyed by the Bamar king named Alaungpaya in 1756.

Potrugal Church in Thanlyin

Today, Thanlyin is a small industrial town and home to a large community of Hindus devotees. How to get to Thalyin ?  It can be easily accessible by either taxi or bus . Taxi fare to Thalyin will cost around 4,000 kyat to 5,000 kyat from city centre . The most reliable way to get to Thalyin is to take a taxi . But if you continue going to Kyauk Tan , Taxi fare will be high , that will cost around 20,000 kyat and maximum 25,000 kyat ( for two ways ) The main attraction around Thalyin & beyond .  Portuguese ChurchThanlyin was also the first place in Myanmar to receive missionaries and have churches. You can visit the church relics built by the Portuguese in 1750. They are famous for being Burma tourist attractions for a long time. Kyauk Khauk Pagoda –taking a short ride or drive from Thalyin to get to Kyauk Khauk Pagoda located on the hillock , which can be comparable to a miniature of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon .But you are to buy the entry fees ticket to Kyauk Khauk Pagoda , it costs USD$ 1 per person .It is said that the Buddha himself brought two of his hairpieces to keep there. The first monastery was built by the Monks between 600 and 800 years ago. 

Yele Paya is about 12 km to the south of Thanlyin. It is a glittering temple which was built in the middle of water out in the sea. Just take the local ferry to get to pagoda in the middle of water . Taking the private ferry will cost 5,000 kyat ( for the whole journey in and out ) that can be shared with other participants ( not more than 10 participants ) . Entry fees ticket to Yele Pagoda is USD$ 2 per pax