Tips for your next Myanmar Photo Tour

Myanmar Photo Tour 2022

Myanmar  is a country unlike any other countries in Asia ; a photographer’s dream. It’s the kind of place photographers go to create one-of-a-kind images. read these Myanmar photography tips to get the most from your next Myanmar photo Tour 2022 and beyond .

Because Myanmar is in fact the second largest country in Southeast Asia. , photographers can go on photo tours all year long, if they know where to go. Though the climates vary, there’s always a great spot that will produce stunning images. Before you plan your trip, make sure you know which region will be the best for making images during your time there.

Myanmar can be quite hectic during Myanmar Traditional festivals and holidays. This is something to take into consideration if you plan on spending the majority of your time in large cities. If your tour is taking you out of tourist destinations, these events shouldn’t impact your trip too much.

Summer : March – May

The whole country can be hot (especially in the afternoon – around 35 degrees Celsius) so you’re advised to plan sightseeing more in the mornings and evenings. The landscapes are drier but the days are dry (expect some rainier days in late May). This is an excellent time to visit the beaches and to visit higher parts of Myanmar, which are cooler (including The Shan state). 

Green Season: June – mid-October

The temperatures drop as the rain arrives (although still about 25 – 30 degrees Celsius) and the scenery is wonderfully green. Sightseeing is not too hot and not too dusty. It is the perfect period to visit Bagan,

Mandalay and Shan states (Hsipaw, Kyaukme, Pyin Oo Lwin, Kalaw, Inle Lake), which sees much less rain than the rest of the country (mostly a short shower at the end of the day). We would encourage you to avoid the beaches in this period (it rains more at the coast and most hotels are closed in this period). Yangon can get quite some rain as well so it is better to spend just one or two nights here. Sightseeing is great as there aren’t many other tourists around yet – it’s Myanmar at its best! This is the period we generally advise our closest friends to come and visit.

 Winter : Mid-October – February

This is the most popular season for tourists to travel because of the lower temperatures (evenings in the mountains can be cold –10 degrees Celsius) but the daytime temperature around most of the country is about 30 degrees. Traditionally November marks the beginning of the dry season. Weather wise this is the perfect time to visit everywhere in the country (but bring warm clothes for Inle Lake and higher areas). The downfall is that it can be busy at the major tourist locations – it is much harder to find yourself ‘away from the crowds’ no matter how carefully we plan your itinerary.

Our Cultures are Different

I many other parts of the world, it’s commonplace to see photographers walking around and taking photos of people, buildings, sights, and more. In Myanmar, this isn’t always the case.

Big cities such as Yangon and Mandalay are used to photographers. But if you’re in a non-touristy or rural area, make sure to be culturally sensitive to the people who live and work there. They may not want their photo taken. So simply asking permission is enough, and they’ll be more than happy to pose for you.

There are a few places in Myanmar  where photography is a complete no-go – whether you have permission or not. Even if there is nothing official on a location’s website or on-site stating that photography is prohibited, “no photos” and “no flash” signs are common in some religious monuments especially in Bagan . It is in your best interest to adhere to these signs. Some of these religious monuments are very old and sacred. Taking photographs is many times considered disrespectful in these areas

What is not to be photographed in Bagan & Myanmar ?

It is best to stay away from government buildings and other politically-sensitive areas when taking photos such as military bases and airports. Again, while this might seem commonplace in other foreign countries , taking photographs of these areas may be perceived as something else – possibly spying or a terrorist act. Understand where you’re pointing your camera at all times.

Myanmar Photo Tour 2022
Monk in Yangon
Myanmar Photo Tour 2022
Danu Tribe in Pindaya , Myanmar.

The Burmese language is widely spoken throughout Myanmar and  nothing like English, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get by in rural areas without knowing any Burmese Language. It is wise to pack a pocket translator or, better yet, a language phrase book.Before you travel, identify some commonly used phrases you may have to say when traveling around Myanmar for Myanmar Photo Tour 2022 and beyond. Think of the type of situations you’ll be in, and what speech may come in handy.

The Best Photography Spots Aren’t the Touristy Ones

You may want to spend all of your time at the shrines and religious statues that dominate many of the tourist areas, but keep in mind that many of the best photography spots aren’t where all the tourists are crowding.Myanmar has word-class rural landscape that any photographer would be amiss not to photograph. The trouble with many is you need insider knowledge or a lot of time to get to them.

Myanmar Photo Tour 2022
Farming in Myanmar
Myanmar Photo Tour 2022
Yangon Colonial Building

Plan ahead and know how many batteries you can bring for your camera. While most types of normal batteries are acceptable in checked and carry-on luggage, it’s important to note that travelers may only bring spare lithium ion batteries on carry-on luggage only. Some airlines also only allow passengers up to two batteries in their possession at a time. This may affect your luggage weight, so make sure you know how many batteries, and what kinds, you’re allowed to travel with.

A charger is also necessary. Because you’re in a different country, it’s unwise to rely on basic tourist stores to carry the exact type and brand of battery you need in case yours is damaged or lost. Bring the maximum amount of extra camera batteries allowed by TSA and your airline. Don’t be left standing on the top of Mount Everest without a working camera!

If you’re looking for once-in-a-lifetime images, Myanmar  is the place to go for your next Myanmar photo tour. Along with stunning historical structures and cultural buildings, rural Myanmar  features views your camera will be drawn to – but the best part? No matter the time of year you choose to visit this unique country, you’re sure to leave with memory cards full of images..

Hopefully all expert tips for Myanmar Photo Tour mentioned above will be helpful for you .

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