General Information

Mindat is a small town in the Chin State, impressively perched on a hillside at an altitude of about 1,500 metres, offering scenic and varied adventures to visit the Chin ethnic minorities. It’s overlooked by Mount Victoria some 48 kilometres away across a deep valley to the southwest.

Mindat itself is a simple but charming town with limited accommodation options. Next to the central market is a tea shop that serves snacks and hot drinks and is a great place to sit and watch the Chin go about their daily lives. The town and surrounding villages are 65% christian, with the remainder made up of Buddhist and animist worship — along the roads and tracks you will see catholic and baptist churches, and the occasional Buddhist temple.

Activities to do in Mindat


Almost everyone who comes to Mindat goes trekking, with the prime time to hit the hills being November to April. In the rainy season (May to October) the fantastic views are often obscured by rain and clouds. There are many, many villages out there, some still animist and with their own shaman, all set amid beautiful, rolling countryside.

Treks can last from three to 10 days but typically run four days and three nights, with stops each night to eat and sleep in a village home. Conditions are simple, but the people are very friendly.

A guide is more or less essential, both to stop you getting lost and to get over the language barrier: all villagers speak the various Chin dialects – you won’t hear much Burmese, let alone English, once you’re outside Mindat.

Another option is to head about 100 miles northwest from Mindat along a rough road to the town of Matupi. This town is surrounded by hill villages, which see even fewer visitors than the ones around Mindat, as well as dense, waterfall-punctuated forests that are still home to leopards, bears, monkeys and, supposedly, tigers. But to visit Matupi you’ll need a 4WD vehicle.

Almost all traveler arrange their treks through Yangon-based tour operators, who can organize the necessary permits.

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Munn Tribe in Mindat

Getting There & Away

Public transport doesn’t run on Sunday in Chin State. Buses and minivans go to Mindat from Pakkoku in Magwe Region. They leave from the Moe Pi bus station, which is 500yd from the main bus station, between 6am and 8am (K7000, six hours).

How to Get to Mindat

The best way to visit Mindat is via Pakokku. From Pakokku, take a 5-hour direct minibus to Mindat for 8,000 kyat (fixed price). There is a stop for lunch and bathroom break, and the road is paved the entire route. Buses depart Pakokku from 7 to 8:30 am, so I recommend arriving by 7 am.

Bus Bagan to Mindat. Take a bus or taxi to the Mindat bus station in Pakokku (45 minutes). From there, take the minibus to Mindat, as described above. There are absolutely loads of hotels and guesthouses in Bagan at all budget levels and wifi is largely available but can go out frequently so is not very reliable. They can help with your transport to Pakokku.

Bus Mandalay to Mindat. The bus from Mandalay to Pakokku takes 3-4 hours. Arrive the day before, and spend the night and a half-day for exploring Pakokku.

Bus Yangon to Mindat. Take an overnight bus from Yangon, so you arrive in Pakokku by 6 am. Take a taxi or other transport to the Mindat bus station. If you arrive the day before, Pakokku is worth exploring. There is an overnight bus from Yangon to Pakokku arriving around 6 in the morning and your hotel should be able to assist.