Tips for better travel photography in Myanmar

Burma Photo Tour is 100% owned and operated by experienced travel photographer ” Mr. Bo Bo “who is highly recommended on Tripadvisor . Extensive knowledge and experience of Mr. Bo Bo usually bring the clients to the best photography playgrounds of country depending on client’s point of interest , expected shooting activities and travel period as well.

Our product collections are mainly deigned for all levels of photographers. That would be fine if you have basic knowledge the camera you have . If not, your local guide will assist you to make you understand how the camera setting work in proper way . We focus on improving your photography whatever your skills and level and will take you to the best photography playgrounds of country to let you get the great photos .

Yes, most of the time we will be travelling in private buses and, yes, you can leave packs and other items safely on the bus while we are off shooting and exploring.

Burma Photo Tour strongly urges pclients to purchase travel insurance. This usually covers costs in case of an unexpected event or emergency. While no specific recommendations are made for one insurance provider over the other, for your convenience, here are four carriers you may want to research:

Generally, no. That said, you should be familiar with the workings of your camera, regardless of what type it is. You don’t have to fully understand f/stops, depth of field, and the rule of thirds, but the more you do understand, the more you’ll get out of the trip and the better your photos will be. The local guide are there to answer your questions and offer tips, however the the amount of actual instruction you’ll get will depends on the trip and local guide. Some trips are faster paced than others. Ultimately, the more you can learn before the trip, the more you’ll get out of the trip – you’ll be able to focus more on what you’re taking photos of rather than how to take the photos.

Yes of course. But each accompanying person will have to pay the full participant fee.

Yes but it still will be a private tour as you will all know each other.

Being the native and local in Myanmar , We know where and what time you can make the best photos . We will bring you to the best photography playgrounds of every travel destinations  and some hidden ones that I discovered so you will get unique shooting opportunities. My approach to photography might be different than yours so you will always learn something. If you working on a documentary (still or movie) we can discuss about specific locations related to your project.

  • Your passport and all necessary visas – it is your responsibility to ensure that you
    have complied with the visa requirements of any country you plan to visit. Online
    visa applications can save a lot of time.
  • Credit card (check it will work!)
  • Cash (US$ are generally easiest to exchange)
  • Basic first aid kit (including insect repellent, sunscreen, diarrhea remedy and contact lens
    solution if required)
  • Malaria prophylaxis – get medical advice on this before you travel
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Long pants and long-sleeved shirts for going into monasteries, temples &c.
  • Sweater or hoodie (it can get cool in the evenings)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes / sturdy sandals
  • Picture books, toys or stationery for children – this can really open doors
  • Small flashlight
  • Quick-drying towel
  • Sarong or similar (easy to buy on arrival)

A 30% deposit is required to secure your place. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm your booking until we receive this. Please send us your completed booking form and signed liability waiver along with your proof of payment.

  • At least 1 SLR camera and lenses (we recommend prime lenses such as the 35mm,
    50mm f1.8, 85mm)
  • Tripod and wide-angle lens for landscape photography (although we’ll mostly focus on people photography)
  • Laptop or iPad with photo editing software for photo critiquing classes (preferably
  • An iPhone or similar if you want to try iPhoneography
  • Camera bag
  • Lots of memory cards and battery packs
  • Charging cables and adaptors
  • Hard drive for backing up images
  • Camera and lens care kit
  • Ziploc bags to keep equipment dry

You may use a drone, but you must abide by local laws concerning their use, and make yourself familiar with such laws prior to taking one of our photography tours.
Fellow travelers must not be inconvenienced by the use of a drone in any manner.
Our itinerary must not be interrupted with delays in setting up, retrieving or packing away drone equipment.
You are required to ‘show off’ your work with the group as time permits!

Generally, the final payment is due in full 45 days before the beginning of your tour. If you’ve booked your trip within 45 days of the departure date, full payment is needed at the time of booking. Last minute bookings require payment up front before confirmation.

Our trips are designed to be enjoyed by anyone who is reasonably fit. However some trips visit remote areas with limited or non-existent medical facilities so you must be in good health. Factors such as long walks, bumpy roads, dust, traffic, stairs, humidity, delays and unfamiliar customs and cultures also add to the physical toll. Keep in mind you will need to carry your own bags.

On certain trips, we may require a doctor’s letter that certifies health and fitness of participants who are over 70 years old.

Minors between the age of 13 and 17 are not able to join our tours unless accompanied by a parent. Our tours are not suitable for younger children under 13.

Our guests arrive from all over the world to begin our tours and it is not possible to include international airfare in our prices.

MasterCard and Visa are accepted in major shops, restaurants and hotels. Notify your credit card companies that you will be traveling abroad to avoid any restrictions on your account

Yes. ATM’s are a good source of cash overseas; however, they may  be conveniently located in the larger cities and may be rare in smaller towns. Your itinerary may not always allow you sufficient time to locate one. Your tour guide can probably help you.

One of the main reasons travelers should choose BurmaPhoto Tours is because we use tour guides who were born and raised in the region. They are highly qualified, speak excellent English and boast intimate knowledge of their homeland. Travelling with a local leader means you will enjoy a local perspective, meeting their friends along the way, eating where the locals eat and seeing sights you won’t find in guidebooks. We work to ensure our local partners are the best in the business. Throughout the regions we visit, our operators possess a wealth of knowledge and experience so you can be confident you’re in safe hands. They are out in the field, continually monitoring and refining our adventures to ensure we offer the most innovative trips, as well as the best value for money.